Monday, May 21, 2012

Two Different Interpretations of the GA GOP Convention

My guests on yesterday's Valerie Sargent Martin Show were Tony Robbins and Jordan "Alex" Johnson. Robbins is a Middle Georgia businessman and longtime Georgia Republican Party regular. Johnson is an attorney and the Chair of the Dekalb County Young Republicans. Johnson nominated himself for Georgia National Committteeman from the floor of the Georgia Republican Party state convention last Saturday in Columbus, Georgia.

I invited Robbins and Johnson on the show to give their thoughts on the convention. Forward to the 55:00 minute mark to hear the show. Tony Robbins' interview is at the 66:00 minute mark, Alex Johnson's is at the 119:00 minute mark.

Tony Robbins (with wife Carolyn and Judy Hufstetler at GAGOP Convention) 

Jordan "Alex" Johnson

I'm on the far right. 

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