Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Listen to The Valerie Sargent Martin Show

You can listen to the show three ways: online via the website, by phone, or via Skype.

To listen online go to and scroll down to see the 'blogtalk radio' box on the left of the screen. Then press the 'play' button. Depending on when you connect you may hear the previous hour's show. Be sure to hit your browser's 'refresh' button at the top of the hour to hear the show live.  

If you want to connect via Skype, be sure your Skype account is open then go to the website On the main page of the website there is a 'Skype' button at the top of the page. Click the button and, once you're connected, you will hear the show playing live.

To listen by phone, dial the call-in number (347) 324-3704 during the show hours, Sundays, 4-6pm Eastern, or Thursdays 8-9pm Eastern, and the show will be playing live. This is the same number guests use when they call in for their interview, but I only answer callers who have pressed  '1' to notify me that they wish to talk. All other calls just sit in the queue. 

The show is also recorded and available for replay shortly after the live broadcast and can be found on the main page by clicking "FR Tour," then "FR Archive," then choose the show from the list of all the recent FR broadcasts. I usually post a link to the replay on my facebook page.

UPDATE:  I have been told by a knowledgeable person that there is a blogtalkradio app for iPhones and Android phones. Search for FreedomizerRadio.

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