Sunday, May 27, 2012

Republican Congressional Candidate Greg Pallen's Interview

Republican Congressional Candidate Greg Pallen joined me last Thursday in the first hour of the Proof Negative Show instead of my regular 8-9pm time slot. Greg's running for Congress in Georgia's 4th District. Greg was a good sport about having his interview time changed. Thanks to Greg!

Here's the link to Greg's interview, and it starts right when you press play. No need to forward. Isn't that great?

Proof Negative (not his real, our network owner would like for you to look for the show archive by using our "FR Tour">"FR Show Archive" links at to help boost our Alexa rankings. If you don't mind, try to find the archive of Greg's interview that way (the date was May 24th), that way Proof will be happy.

The reason I did the show in Proof's hour was because of a technical problem with BlogTalkRadio . I named the show the 'Late Night Party Rock Edition,' although that's a pretty silly name, so I decided not to title this blog post like that.

Here are the awesome links from the show: - Neato! Greg P. has 20 commitments to you the voter.

Greg was endorsed by G. Edward Griffin. He wrote this really intriguing treatise on the unconstitutional beginnings of the Federal Reserve:

This link is coverage of GA GOP state convention NDAA Resolution Vote from last Saturday with footage of  Debbie Dooley, a prominent leader of Georgia's Tea Party Activists, calling to vote AGAINST the amended resolution. ??? I know. I don't get it either.

Music for the show provided by Chris Trentham, Trevor Simpson, Ethan Maas, Shawn Bray, and Pro'Verb.  There are others, but these are the ones I used Thursday (and use nearly every show). If you have great music, forward it to me.


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