Sunday, May 6, 2012

Links to Today's 'Republican National Committee, Etc.' Episode

Who are Georgia's candidates for National Committeeman and Committeewoman? Two of them, Ginger Howard and Frank Strickland, joined me today on the VSM show. Forward to the 50:00 minute mark at the link below to hear the show. Yes. 50:00. Not 60:00. For some reason the hour-long show before mine only lasted 50 minutes today.

Ginger Howard - Candidate for Georgia's National Committeewoman

Frank Strickland - Candidate for Georgia's National Committeeman

Odds and ends with Sonny Thomas, Music Promoter/Tea Party Activist

It was a great show today. I always say that, but it was really great. After the show I went to watch my daughter's choir concert. She did well and makes me proud. Here's a picture.

Before the radio show today, I fixed french toast for the kids. I made it out of leftover hot dog buns which sounds pretty gross, but turned out exceptionally great.  Here's a picture.

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