Saturday, May 11, 2013

Raw Milk Drink-In a Celebration of Natural Rights

We're protesting bad law by drinking good milk. Will you celebrate our natural rights with us?

Tastes like Freedom. Sweet, sweet, delicious, raw Freedom. 
The Raw Milk Drink-In is about the absurdity of bad laws and the requirement of informed people to disobey those laws. It is about the real and direct effect that burdensome government regulation in all industry has on people’s day-to-day lives. It is about the unjust authority our government exerts on us when it acts outside its constitutional size and scope. It is about the arbitrary and subjective way in which laws are enforced.

The Raw Milk Drink-In will use food freedom - the principle that government should not determine what foods adults are allowed to eat, even under the auspices of health and safety - to make our point that the government has overstepped its bounds. Breaking state and federal laws about the sale and consumption of a basic food item is symbolic of our natural right to be free of government intrusions in our decision making and dealings with others. It is about our right to the results of our own work. It is about our right to defend ourselves when others seek to harm us.

The event will take place outside the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia, because several of the organizers and attendees are delegates and alternates to the GAGOP State Convention being held there that day. The goal is to remind the Republican Party that it has walked away from its duty to uphold its stated principles of small, local, and limited government. We submit as proof legislators within the Republican Party who allow the obtrusive and corrupt government process that prevents the sale of raw milk, a wholesome and natural food consumed throughout all of human history.

Even though this is being held at a Republican venue, everyone is invited to attend. We hope to reinforce the idea that people on both the Left and Right agree on the protection of civil liberties.

Saturday, May 18th, shortly before 9:00 a.m. we will sell raw milk shots for a nickel while supplies last. We will read a few quotes about civil disobedience. We will mention the symbolism behind our event. Then we will have a brief toast, hold up our raw milk, and drink in unison. That will be the end of the official event. Anyone who wants to stay longer is welcome to do so.

The exact spot of the event is to be announced. All money raised will be donated to Georgia Alliance for Raw Milk. The event is sponsored and organized by members of Hoco4Liberty.

UPDATE: At the suggestion of friends in Georgia Alliance for Raw Milk, we will donate any proceeds from the event to Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund at and the Weston A. Price Foundation at We hope you'll spread the word and donate, too.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Speech I Wanted to Give

Here’s a little truth for you: I’m an awful public speaker. It’s true. I am. There’s a reason people fear public speaking more than death.

Yesterday, I received the Republican Liberty Caucus of Georgia’s 2012 Citizens Award. Here's what I meant to say yesterday, but didn't get quite right. Sorry. :(