Monday, April 23, 2012

My Creative Side

So I'm working on an ad for Freedomizer and I was telling my husband how I wanted to make it like the theme song to Garry Shandling's show.

Here are the lyrics to my proposed ad jingle:
"This is an ad for Freedomizer Radio.
An ad for Freedomizer Radio.
This is the music that you hear when we hypnotize you.
We're almost halfway finished.
How do you like it so far?
Advertise on Freedomizer Radio.

This is an ad for Freedomizer Radio.
An ad for Freedomizer Radio.
We're the site that consistently ranks high nationally and internationally.
Check us out on Alexa Rankings.
We're up there really high.
Advertise on Freedomizer Radioooooooo dot com."

I was a tiny, tiny baby when I watched Garry Shandling on HBO. This was back in the day when parents were irresponsible and just let their kids watch whatever they were watching. Speaking of HBO I think I literally saw that Michael Keaton movie 'Mr. Mom' a thousand times on HBO one summer.

Oops. Not HBO. Showtime.

P.S. My husband had literally never heard of Garry Shandling at all. Which is why I thought this was funny at first. But actually, I feel old now.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

VSM Show Links April 22nd

Replay of today's VSM Show (at the 61:00 minute mark) with guests Andrew Simpson (71:00 minute mark), Michael Morton, Jr. (123:00), and C.j. Lester (139:00 minute mark).
Andrew Simpson talks about abuses of special needs children in the Public School System and the effectiveness of Georgia's Anti-Bullying law. Here are links related to my interview with Andrew.

Michael Morton, Jr. discusses the 'All Paul' delegate slate he proposed at last week's 8th District Convention of the Georgia GOP.

And C.J. Lester, Chairman of Rockdale County Young Republicans retells the story of his encounter with Rockdale County GOP Chairman Don Williamson when Lester wanted to vote for a candidate for national delegate other than the prescribed delegates proposed by the nominating committee at the 4th District GA GOP Convention. Here are links related to my interview with  C.J Lester.:

Other News Links:

New music courtesy of Trevor Simpson

Other music provided by Chris Trentham
Pro'Verb, Andrew Mott, Shawn Bray, Ethan Maas, Eric Jerardi Band, and Animal Grace.

I love independent musicians. Please send me links to your music. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

The VSM Show w Congressman Austin Scott's Accuser

Here's the link to last night's episode of The Valerie Sargent Martin Show with guest RB Ashley, one of  the people who asked Congressman Austin Scott about his NDAA vote at the luncheon after last Saturday's 8th District GOP convention in Tifton, GA. Forward to the 120:00 mark to hear the show. (There's a two hour show before mine.)

In the interview I talk like someone my age would talk, i.e. "Don't you know how much time I've put in and how much work I've done, Sonny?" And my guest talks like some young guy would talk, i.e. "We should hold these traitors accountable!" That's basically the entire interview.

We had several callers for this show, which is good. Thanks, Callers! I thought I gave them ample opportunity to explain their points. RB Ashley sent me a link of the video of the group questioning Congressman Scott at the convention but so far it doesn't work for me.

I also had new music this show provided by friend and musician Andrew Mott.  Andrew's music came in at about the 124:00 minute mark. Other artists featured on the show are Chris Trentham (my intro music), Pro'Verb (my outro music), Ethan Maas, Shawn Bray, Animal Grace, and the Eric Jerardi Band.

Somebody in the chat room called me a phony last night. They, of course, wrote it anonymously.

Thanks for listening. VSM

Oh, P.S.  When RB Ashley and I were first arguing I called him a 'nihilist,' which ultimately spiraled down into Big Lebowski jokes and videos. Here ya go.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Right Way and a Wrong Way

It is absolutely, 100% right to hold your congressman accountable for his voting record, in public, in front of his constituents. I said so when I was pulled aside by a longstanding member of Houston County's GOP who was trying to make sense of why several Ron Paul supporters were heckling Georgia's 8th District Congressman Austin Scott for his vote on the NDAA bill after his speech at last Saturday's District Convention . Unfortunately, the questions Scott was asked were indirect. Not really questions, even. More like shouted accusations and blame.

Party insiders think that all  Ron Paul supporters get organized before these things and the insider I was talking to assumed, incorrectly, that what happened last Saturday was part of a concerted effort, and that I was the head of it, or at the very least had some control over those responsible for it, which I don't. In our conversation I had to justify the heckling and never got to the substance of the questions on NDAA.

I am a lifelong Republican. I ran in 2009 for the seat that Austin Scott now occupies. I did it as a single mom with two young children in tow while I was working on my MBA. It was hard and thankless and many in the Party were unnecessarily rude  and dismissive of me (and others running) because they wanted someone with legislative experience  to run against the incumbent Democrat Jim Marshall. And in the end they got their wish. Many, though, saw how I fought  even when I wasn't always treated fairly. In 2011 I ran for 2nd Vice Chair of the District GOP and I was the only officer who ran unchallenged from the floor.

When I was running for Congress, I was the highest ranked non-incumbent congressional candidate recognized by liberty groups in 2009. I was ranked higher than Rand Paul by That is why, two years later, someone sought me out to do a radio show that is nationally recognized, and why I get to speak at Campaign for Liberty events, and why I'm featured on the news.  But I've also stood alone waving Ron Paul signs on a corner near a shopping center  the day after Thanksgiving in 2007, during Ron Paul's last campaign.

I'm only saying all this to prove the point that there is room for every kind of person in the liberty movement. We all shout down the establishment in our own way. But for the record, there is a good way to ask pointed questions and a terrible and sloppy way to ask pointed questions. The terrible and sloppy way includes  shouting rudely at a sitting member of Congress, which only confuses the audience. The terrible and sloppy way also includes accusing long time activists like me of being a "boot-licker" who's "sitting silent and absorbing lies."  If you need help on the 'good' way, I suggest you ask Adam Kokesh, Nathan Cox, Michael Boldin, and several others. None of them are "boot-lickers"  to the Republican Party, either, and there's no denying that the whole world knows that they are in love with liberty.

Ron Paul and Myself chatting at Campaign for Liberty event January 2010

Update: Ugh. I just realized if you're not privy to the back story, the original version of this post makes it sound like I'm angry at being asked by the party insider about why someone was questioning the Congressman in the first place. No. I was angry that I had to make excuses for the manner in which the question about the NDAA was handled in the first place.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Belated Posting of a Television Appearance.

I can't remember if I ever posted this or not. I think I always meant to, but never got around to it. I was asked to give my opinion on the Georgia Republican Presidential Primary last month on a local news broadcast. My segment comes after the first commercial.

Links for Foreign Policy Etc. Episode of The VSM Show 4/8/12

Here is yesterday's radio show. The best part of it begins at the 101:00 minute mark. I interviewed foreign policy expert and author Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer. The show itself starts at the 60:00 minute mark.

Thanks much to Eric Bell for joining us today, too. He saved me by joining us earlier in the show than we'd originally planned when I had trouble reaching Col. Shaffer. Eric is the organizer of  'Rock the Republic' being held May 1st in Valdosta, Georgia. I'll be speaking and broadcasting live from the event.

What old guard GOP thinks of the choice of the May 1st date for the event 

Per our discussion of devaluation of the Dollar

This came from Fred Wheeler. I'm on his email list. 

January 2009
% chg
Avg. Retail price/gallon gas in U.S.



Crude oil, European Brent (barrel)



Crude oil, West TX Inter. (barrel)



Corn, No.2 yellow, Central IL



Soybeans, No. 1 yellow, IL



Sugar, cane, raw, world, lb. Fob



Unemployment rate, non-farm, overall



Unemployment rate, blacks



Number of unemployed



Number of fed. Employees



Real median household income



Number of food stamp recipients



Number of unemployment benefit recipients



Number of long-term unemployed



Poverty rate, individuals



People in poverty in U.S.



U.S. Rank in Economic Freedom World Rankings



Present Situation Index



Failed banks



U.S. Dollar versus Japanese yen exchange rate



U.S. Money supply, M1, in billions



U.S. Money supply, M2, in billions



National debt, in trillions



Just take this last item: In the last two years we have accumulated national debt at a rate more than 27 times as fastas during the rest of our entire nation's history.
Over 27 times as fast. Metaphorically speaking, if you are driving in the right lane doing 65 MPH and a car rockets past you in the left lane. 
27 times faster, it would be doing 7,555 MPH!
(1) U.S. Energy Information Administration;
(2) Wall Street Journal;
(3) Bureau of Labor Statistics;
(4) Census Bureau;
(5) USDA;
(6) U.S. Dept. Of Labor; 

(7) FHFA;
(8) Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller;
(9) RealtyTrac;
(10) Heritage Foundation and WSJ;
(11) The Conference Board;
(12) FDIC; 

(13) Federal Reserve;
(14) U.S. Treasury

Events I promo'd on the show:

Veterans March on the RNC

Music from the show is provided by Chris Trentham, Shawn Bray, Ethan Maas, Pro'verb, Animal Grace, and the Eric Jerardi Band. Thanks to Sonny Thomas, as well.
Some day, I promise, I'll have music from these other artists. I thank them for their patience:
Mark Augustyn

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Today's easter egg (intentional hidden message for those of you in Rio Linda):
My daughter Isabel sang today in church for Easter Sunday. This is her 7th year to sing with the Children's choir. Tuesday she turns 13. She and I went to see 'Titanic' in 3D tonight to celebrate. It hit me tonight that she can't stay a little girl forever. She asked me in the car was I sad about her turning 13. I said that 13 is a great age and I'm very happy. That's the brave thing you have to say when you're someone's mother. -VSM