Sunday, April 22, 2012

VSM Show Links April 22nd

Replay of today's VSM Show (at the 61:00 minute mark) with guests Andrew Simpson (71:00 minute mark), Michael Morton, Jr. (123:00), and C.j. Lester (139:00 minute mark).
Andrew Simpson talks about abuses of special needs children in the Public School System and the effectiveness of Georgia's Anti-Bullying law. Here are links related to my interview with Andrew.

Michael Morton, Jr. discusses the 'All Paul' delegate slate he proposed at last week's 8th District Convention of the Georgia GOP.

And C.J. Lester, Chairman of Rockdale County Young Republicans retells the story of his encounter with Rockdale County GOP Chairman Don Williamson when Lester wanted to vote for a candidate for national delegate other than the prescribed delegates proposed by the nominating committee at the 4th District GA GOP Convention. Here are links related to my interview with  C.J Lester.:

Other News Links:

New music courtesy of Trevor Simpson

Other music provided by Chris Trentham
Pro'Verb, Andrew Mott, Shawn Bray, Ethan Maas, Eric Jerardi Band, and Animal Grace.

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