Friday, April 20, 2012

The VSM Show w Congressman Austin Scott's Accuser

Here's the link to last night's episode of The Valerie Sargent Martin Show with guest RB Ashley, one of  the people who asked Congressman Austin Scott about his NDAA vote at the luncheon after last Saturday's 8th District GOP convention in Tifton, GA. Forward to the 120:00 mark to hear the show. (There's a two hour show before mine.)

In the interview I talk like someone my age would talk, i.e. "Don't you know how much time I've put in and how much work I've done, Sonny?" And my guest talks like some young guy would talk, i.e. "We should hold these traitors accountable!" That's basically the entire interview.

We had several callers for this show, which is good. Thanks, Callers! I thought I gave them ample opportunity to explain their points. RB Ashley sent me a link of the video of the group questioning Congressman Scott at the convention but so far it doesn't work for me.

I also had new music this show provided by friend and musician Andrew Mott.  Andrew's music came in at about the 124:00 minute mark. Other artists featured on the show are Chris Trentham (my intro music), Pro'Verb (my outro music), Ethan Maas, Shawn Bray, Animal Grace, and the Eric Jerardi Band.

Somebody in the chat room called me a phony last night. They, of course, wrote it anonymously.

Thanks for listening. VSM

Oh, P.S.  When RB Ashley and I were first arguing I called him a 'nihilist,' which ultimately spiraled down into Big Lebowski jokes and videos. Here ya go.

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