Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Ron Paul Delegate Episode - Links for Feb 12th Show

Today's 'The Valerie Sargent Martin Show' features special guest Dr. Bill Greene to discuss just what the heck delegates are and why they matter. Political Activist Ben Mihalski talks about convention shenanigans and End the Fed info.  Here are the links to today's show. I'll add music links in a separate post.

Valerie’s YouTube Channel. Has all of Valerie’s public appearances as a candidate for Congress in 2009-2010 and a more recent television appearance

Romney pic on the NYT front page shows 'victorious' Romney in front of huge Ron Paul banner.

CPAC Straw Poll Results

Guest Erle Morring’s Bio Page at Campuspeak.

Fox News’ Announcement of the Cancellation of Judge Napolitano’s ‘Freedom Watch’

Tom Woods’ ’26 Things’ Article

James Altucher ‘The #1 Most Effective Habit”

Jason Downey’s Post on Santorum’s Primary Victories and inevitable brokered convention

Fun Valentine’s Day link

Hangout  Music Fest Link

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