Sunday, February 26, 2012

Links for February 26th Show

All the information from today's The Valerie Sargent Martin Show from 4-6pm EST at

My Ron Paul Promo segment on the local news channel WMAZ

Previously unreleased campaign video footage on Term Limits

Link to Kevin Gutzman's biography of James Madison

Jason Downey
Macon, Georgia

Jason E. Downey is a Partner at Carr Downey, Attorneys-At-Law in Macon, GA. Jason graduated from Marshall University and was Vice President of the College Republicans while at Marshall. He graduated, from Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law and is an alumni of the Youth Leadership School at the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA. Jason is a proud father to Catherine Grace, 4, and husband to Connie, an educator in Jones County, Georgia. He has volunteered for many campaigns dating back to his college years in his home state of West Virginia. Jason currently serves as the Bibb County, Georgia campaign chair for Mitt Romney for President.

No Conspiracy: Ron Paul Just Dislikes Santorum

Guest Zak Carter
Ron Paul: The choice of the troops: via@wtcommunities
Video of yesterday's Veterans' March for Ron Paul. Amateur videographers doing the work the MSM refuses to do.

You ought to be outraged! MSM completely ignored 500 current and former members of our military protesting govt's foreign policy yesterday.

Ken DeLoach Candidate for Congress in GA-02
Ken DeLoach on Facebook

Epic honest mobile home commercial
Music from today's show is provided by Chris Trentham, Shawn Bray, Ethan Maas, and Pro'verb. New music courtesy of Animal Grace and the Eric Jerardi Band. Thanks to Sonny Thomas.
I'll have music from other artists soon including the following:

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