Saturday, February 25, 2012

How Things Get Better

Forever ago I read two books that changed my life: Dale Carnegie's 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' and Tony Robbins' 'Unlimited Power.'  The single most important thing I learned from Carnegie's book was that the sweetest sound to a person is his own name.  The single most important thing I learned from Robbin's book was that in order to achieve anything, you have to first be able to see it clearly in your mind. One book helped me to build several new and rewarding relationships. The other book made me realize that we are all limited only by our own doubts.

To all of you reading, I want us all to grow and be better. For me to be better I need to start challenging myself to trust and believe that the thing I love to do - that is, communicate with all of you - will provide for me in a way that is more consistent with my beliefs than any regular desk job could provide.

So, I'll be writing here more, and maybe doing some other things, too, to try to piece together a meaningful existence, in the hope that eventually I won't have to rely on the financial safety net of a job that is not fulfilling. This decision means soon you'll notice ads here that weren't here before. I will try to make them as unobtrusive and as helpful as possible.  But I didn't want to put them here without explaining their purpose first.


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