Thursday, March 1, 2012

VSM Show: Links for Tonight's Guest Ken Carroll

My guest tonight on the first THURSDAY episode of the Valerie Sargent Martin Show (8-9pm is Ken Carroll. Ken is a native Georgian who is the Campaign manager for DeLoach for Geogia, which is candidate Ken DeLoach's Second Congressional district campaign.

This is Ken's 22nd year of being active in the Republican Party and in the past he has been everything from a volunteer to a county vice-chairman and state committee member to a Congressional District Chairman and a member of the Georgia GOP executive committee. Currently his is the Dodge County GA GOP Chairman and also the 1st-Vice Chairman of the 8th Congressional District.

He is the author of the political blog, "Below the Gnat Line" and a contributor to Peach Pundit.

Ken is a self-described libertarian-leaning conservative who is a follower of the Austrian School of Economic Thought and is concerned about the erosion of individual rights.

Ken Carroll on Twitter:

Ken DeLoach's website:

Facebook event for Newt Gingrich/Herman Cain Event in Macon,GA

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